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Tribute toBeekman Legends
RCI OscasAwards
The Holiday Club was once again
heralded as market leaders at the RCI
industry awards event held earlier this
year. We were proud to walk away with
the following awards:
Most Enrolments
The Holiday Club won this for the 15th
consecutive year for bringing the most
new Members on board.
Marketing Awards
ECB Leisure was awarded The Top
Multiple Site Marketing Offce. In the
Top 10 Sales Professionals category, 6
out of the 10 winners were from Equitac,
• Andrew Moorcraft
• Gerhard Schimper
• Pieter Norje
• Renier Theron
• Terrance Blatt
• Marie van den Berg (Top Sales
Resort Awards
Most of The Holiday Club resorts
have been quality rated as either Gold
Crown or Silver Crown. This is a true
testament to the service ethic and
quality commitment that our resorts
strive to achieve. Resort awards were
as follows:
Silver Crown – 11 Resorts
Gold Crown – 12 Resorts
Top Silver Crown Resort
Nominations: Sunshine Bay Beach
Club & Falcon Glen
Top Gold Crown Resorts (small)
Nominations: Sandpiper Dunes &
Royal Wharf Marina
Top Gold Crown Resorts (Medium)
Nominations: Placid Waters &
Cayley Lodge
Top Gold Crown Resorts (Large)
Nominations: Hazyview Cabanas
Bram Beekman
Bram Beekman, the co-founder and
Chairman of the Beekman Group, was
a major force in the property and leisure
industry, before sadly passing away at
the age of 66 on Saturday, January 15,
He leaves behind an impressive legacy
in the formof the BeekmanGroup, which
he formed with his younger brother
John. Bram’s cheerful, positive outlook
on life, as well as the compassion that
he showed for those less fortunate
than himself, made him well loved by
all those that met him. He was a truly
remarkable man.
The success of the Beekman Group and
the Holiday Club is a glowing testament
to the hard work and dedication of Bram
Beekman. His vision and meticulous
planning molded a company that has
become a giant in the property and
leisure industry in South Africa.
Tony Fernandes
Tony Fernandes began working for
the Group on 1 February 1994 as
the Company Secretary and he was
fundamental in starting up the various
departments in the Group.
So it was very sad news for us when
we heard that Tony Fernandes, our
colleague and friend at The Beekman
Group, passed away on Monday, 21st
February, 2011.
For over 17 years Tony’s loyalty to the
Group earned him the respect of his
peers and the business world.
Tony was a big man, with a big heart,
and he was loved and respected by all
who knew him.
With his good-natured wit and fantastic
sense of humour, there was never a
dull moment when he was around. He
will be sorely missed by all who knew
An additional resort has been added
to our Signature Collection portfolio. A
Signature Collection resort is a resort
that is either wholly owned or managed
by The Holiday Club.
Members can be certain of superb
quality and better availability throughout
the year when selecting these resorts.
Look out for these resorts which are
identifed by a red stamp in the Resort
Tahiti Sands
Located on the golden sands of Shelly
Beach, Tahiti Sands offers visitors fully
equipped self-catering apartments with
a superb view of the Indian Ocean.
The beach is right on your doorstep,
making this resort the ideal destination if
you enjoy sunrise walks on the beach.
Tahiti Sands is within walking distance
of the popular Shelly Centre Shopping
Mall as well as the Shelly Ski Boat
Club and it is only a short drive to the
renowned seaside town of Margate
where visitors will be treated to many
holiday activities and beach festivals.
Tahiti Sands